Templora Dermatologica


Franchise Package

  • Silver Franchise – Basic skin treatments at a 50 sqm space
  • Gold Franchise – Comprehensive skin and body treatments at a 100 sqm space
  • Platinum Franchise – Luxurious Skin and Body and Laser treatments at 200 sqm space

Package includes:

  • Use of Trade Name
  • Business Model
  • Initial Personnel Training (Staff and Doctor)
  • Pre-opening and start-up assistance
  • Opening Support (1 month hands on supervision)
  • Franchise Operations Manual
  • Initial inventory
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Staff Uniform
  • Grand opening support
  • Local marketing and promotional support
  • Regular field visits, guidance and business evaluation
  • Continuous Upgrading of Services Offered

10 steps to owning a Templora Dermatologica franchise

Step 1: Send a Letter of Intent
Complete and submit a letter of intent by email to info@temploradermatologica.com
With the subject: Franchise Inquiry. Your application will be reviewed. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Step 2: Meeting / Presentation
Upon preliminary approval of your application, you will be notified by our representative who will schedule a sit-down interview with you. During this meeting, you will get an in-depth introduction to Templora Dermatologica.

Step 3: Information Review
Templora Dermatologica and the prospective franchisee will review relevant information for the application. Upon a mutual decision to proceed, you will be scheduled for a 2nd meeting.

Step 4: Site Selection
Templora Dermatologica will source out the perfect location for you if one has not been selected yet. If you have a site, a representative will check the location for approval. We have the right to refuse a chosen location if we feel that the business will not prosper in the area due to various reasons.

Step 5: Second Meeting / Deposit
The 2nd meeting will cover more detailed information including the franchise agreement, and possibly potential locations. A non-refundable reservation deposit shall likewise be required.

Step 6: Signing of Franchise Agreement
At this point, you should have enough information about Templora Dermatologica to make an informed decision. We will proceed with the signing of the franchise agreement as well as payment of franchise fee.

Step 7: Orientation
This will be an overview of the process which will take place from this point until your store opens. This overview will include franchisee responsibilities, planning, ordering,
construction and much more.

Step 8: Training
You and your staff will attend in-depth trainings at our clinic.

Step 9: Complete Constructions
Upon completion of construction, clinic set-up and onsite training of staff begins. Pre-opening
advertising commences.

Step 10: Open for Business!
Finally you are now open for business. We will provide an opening support of 1-4 weeks to help you with the initial phase of operation.

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