AC Norm Aquatic Serum


This moisturizing serum is used to treat skin discomfort to all skin types, and especially those with mild, moderate and severe acne. The oil-free formula deeply hydrates the skin and increases elasticity. The serum is enriched with a unique combination of pectin and lemon nectar, which creates a protective layer on the skin and provides the skin cells with moisture for over 8 hours. Moreover, the combination of 4 innovative natural ingredients, ECOCERT certified, offers dynamic hydration feeding the cells with water whenever they need it. This dynamic hydration allows the skin to regain a healthy appearance, without irritation or feelings of tightness.
The serum gives a matte appearance and can be used on normal, dry and dehydrated skin, for increased hydration, before the application of other care creams.

     Active Ingredients
         Trimethyloglycine – Pectin – NMF: Mechanical and biochemical hydration
       Deepsan: Reduction of skin discomfort and irritations
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